Scavenger Matron

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Scavenger Matron
Scavenger Matron.png
A Scavenger Matron
RegionSpringlands, Revelwood, Nomad Highlands, Kindlewastes

The Scavenger Matron is the 2nd boss in Enshrouded.

She drops the key ingredient for the Flame Altar, the Scavenger Matron Head.

There are multiple versions:

  • Gorger: Throws poison in 3 directions toward her target
  • Grizzler: Summons reinforcements


Region Location Details
Springlands The Hill of Scavengers Northwest of the Springlands Ancient Spire - location given by the quest Quest marker.png The Alchemist's Rumors
Revelwood Glennwood's End Town is in the far north of Revelwood - location given by the quest A Crucial Investigation
Revelwood Fawnsong Frontier
Nomad Highlands Ruins northwest of the Mining Rift
Nomad Highlands Lupa's Lair
Nomad Highlands Surat's Rest
Kindlewastes Enemy camp.png Ocean's Heart, East Lapis