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Spells are cast with Staves and use Staff Charges and Mana to cast, Eternal Spells however, do not deplete, are of a higher level, are more powerful, and cost more mana to cast. You can find spells in chests and crafted by the Alchemist.


Damaging Spells

Name Level Damage Element Type Mana Cost Cast Time Resources Description Requirements
Ice Bolt.png
Ice Bolt
5 26 Ice 38 0.5s Magical ammunition that creates a single bolt of ice, damaging enemies upon impact and slowing them afterwards. Alchemist
Fireball I.png
Fireball I
10 51 Fire 46 0.8s Magical ammunition that ignites a fireball, erupting upon impact and dealing damage in a small area. Alchemist
Chain Lightning.png
Chain Lightning
12 69 Shock 65 1.0s Magical ammunition to release a powerful lightning strike that shocks enemies and jumps to others nearby. Alchemist
Fireball II.png
Fireball II
15 85 Fire 68 1.3s Magical ammunition to ignite a mighty fireball that erupts upon impact, dealing damage in an area of raging flames. Alchemist
Bone Channel I.png
Bone Channel I
15 17 Blunt 13 0.3s Call upon the forces of the underworld to summon projectiles that seek out enemies. Collector
Light Burst.png
Light Burst
17 17 Fire 18 0.5s Magical ammunition that releases a flash of light, bright enough to push back enemies around the caster. Alchemist
Acid Bite.png
Acid Bite
17 84 Poison 67 2.0s Magical ammunition that sprays acid in a cone in front of the caster, poisoning all enemies hit. Alchemist
Alchemy Station
Lightning Channel.png
Lightning Channel
22 20 Shock 19 0.3s Magical ammunition that continuously channels powerful lightning strikes. It shocks enemies by jumping between them. Alchemist
Bone Channel II.png
Bone Channel II
25 31 Blunt 22 0.6s Hold to summon bone projectiles that seek out enemies with a devastating force. Collector
Shroud Meteor.png
Shroud Meteor
27 205 Shroud 135 3.2s Magical ammunition that calls a disastrous Shroud Meteor down on up to five foes. The meteors deal heavy Shroud damage. This spell consumes some of your remaining Time in the Shroud. Alchemist

Healing Spells

Name Level Damage Mana Cost Cast Time Resources Description Requirements
Heal Channel.png
Heal Channel
5 26 38 0.5s Magical ammunition that, upon use, releases continuous healing projectiles. Alchemist
Chain Heal.png
Chain Heal
10 51 46 0.8s Magical ammunition that releases a healing wave and jumps to nearby friends. Alchemist

Eternal Spells

Damaging Eternal Spells

Name Level Damage Element Type Mana Cost Cast Time Resources Description Requirements
Eternal Ice Bolt.png
Eternal Ice Bolt
17 79 Ice 92 1.0s An eternal version of the Ice Bolt. The spell damages enemies upon impact and slows them afterwards. Alchemist
Alchemy Station
Eternal Fireball.png
Eternal Fireball
17 114 Fire 94 2.0s This spell is fueled by the eternal Flame and serves as unlimited magical ammunition. Alchemist
Alchemy Station
Eternal Light Burst.png
Eternal Light Burst
22 21 Fire 20 0.8s This eternal spell is imbued with the power of light. When cast, a bright burst of radiance flashes before you and pushes back enemies. Alchemist
Eternal Acid Bite.png
Eternal Acid Bite
22 165 Poison 120 3.0s Banned in most mystic circles, this spell serves as an infinite well of acid to envenom foes. It's bite is most deadly, so use with care. Alchemist

Note the Eternal Ice Bolt spell from the Alchemist's quest Quest marker.png An Eternal Spell rewards a weaker Eternal Ice Bolt, you can craft a stronger version later at the Alchemy Station.

Healing Eternal Spells

Name Level Damage Mana Cost Cast Time Resources Description Requirements
Eternal Chain Heal.png
Eternal Chain Heal
17 35 19 1.2s An eternal spell which distributes great healing that jumps to nearby friends. Alchemist
Alchemy Station
Eternal Heal Channel.png
Eternal Heal Channel
22 43 21 1.0s An eternal channeling spell which heals all allies in need. Alchemist