Flame Altar

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Flame Altar
Flame Altar.png
Place this Flame Altar above the Shroud to mark your home. Build inside the marked area around the Flame Altar.
TypeFlame Altar
Stack Size1
CrafterManual Crafting Manual Crafting
Crafting TimeInstant

The Flame Altar marks the spot for a base. Changes to the world within the boundaries of the Flame Altar are permanent (unless the Altar is extinguished), while any change outside the boundaries of the Flame Altar will reset after 30 minutes or game restart.

Currently, only 8 Flame Altars can be placed simultaneously in the world.


Flame Altars are created through manual crafting.


  • Allows permanent building of a base and reshaping of terrain, including Base Area upgrades.
  • Allows players to increase their "Strengthen The Flame" upgrades.
  • Allows players to reset their skill tree at a cost of 10 Runes Runes which does not increase with successive reallocations.
  • Acts as a Fast Travel point.
  • Acts as a heat source for resting buffs.

Upgrade Altar

Upgrading the Flame increases the maximum size the Flame Altar covers.

Altar Level Maximum Size Materials Required Flame Level
Level 1 40x40x40 None 1
Level 2 80x80x80 1 Shroud Core Shroud Core 1
Level 3 120x120x120 5 Shroud Core Shroud Core 2
Level 4 160x160x160 10 Shroud Core Shroud Core 3

Strengthen the Flame

Strengthen the Flame is the most important upgrade in the game, and increases the following:

  • Increases all Attributes by 1 (from Flame level 2 onward).
  • Increases Maximum Shroud Time by 1 Minute.
  • Increases Shroud Passage Level, gaining entry to previous red Deadly Shroud locations.
Flame Level Recipe Stats
Level 2

5 Resin Resin
5 Red Mushroom Red Mushroom
5 Bones Bones
5 Shroud Liquid Shroud Liquid
1 Spark Spark
5 Animal Fur Animal Fur

Altar Activation Capacity: 4
Shroud Passage Level: 2
Character Attribute Bonuses: 1
Time in the Shroud: 6 minutes

Level 3

10 Wax Wax
10 Salt Salt
5 Spark Spark
10 Shroud Wood Shroud Wood
10 Flintstone Flintstone
10 Charcoal Charcoal
1 Scavenger Matron Head Scavenger Matron Head

Altar Activation Capacity: 6
Shroud Passage Level: 3
Character Attribute Bonuses: 2
Time in the Shroud: 7 minutes

Level 4

15 Goo Goo
15 Mycelium Mycelium
10 Spark Spark
15 Indigo Plant Indigo Plant
15 Amber Amber
15 Copper Ore Copper Ore
1 Fell Wispwyvern Head Fell Wispwyvern Head

Altar Activation Capacity: 7
Shroud Passage Level: 4
Character Attribute Bonuses: 3
Time in the Shroud: 8 minutes

Level 5

20 Mint Mushroom Meat Mint Mushroom Meat
20 Fossilized Bone Fossilized Bone
20 Spark Spark
20 Ammonia Gland Ammonia Gland
20 Tin Ore Tin Ore
20 Rooibos Rooibos
1 Fell Monstrosity Head Fell Monstrosity Head

Altar Activation Capacity: 8
Shroud Passage Level: 5
Character Attribute Bonuses: 4
Time in the Shroud: 9 minutes

Level 6

40 Sulfur Sulfur
40 Saffron Saffron
40 Spark Spark
40 Iron Ore Iron Ore
40 Lapislazuli Lapislazuli
40 Yucca Fruit Yucca Fruit
1 Fell Sicklescythe Head Fell Sicklescythe Head

Altar Activation Capacity: 8
Shroud Passage Level: 6
Character Attribute Bonuses: 5
Time in the Shroud: 10 minutes


To remove the Flame Altar, interact with the Flame Altar, select the "Extinguish Flame" option, and then confirm. The Flame Altar starts a 30 second timer (during which the removal can be cancelled) and then disappears. Built structures, placed items, terrain changes, and so on will remain in place until the area resets normally - i.e. 30 minutes or server restart. Placing a new altar before the reset will protect the area again, but the new altar will not inherit any size upgrades applied to its predecessor. The Flame Level remains a global constant even if all Flame Altars are extinguished - it will not "go down" in level.