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Consumables are essential items in Enshrouded, providing players with various buffs, healing, and utility effects to aid them in their survival and exploration endeavors. These items can be crafted, found in chests, or obtained from vendors.



Useful Tips

Consumables play a crucial role in Enshrouded, enabling players to overcome challenges and progress through the game more efficiently. Here are some tips for using consumables effectively:

  • Plan your consumables: Before embarking on expeditions, consider the type of content you'll be facing and prepare accordingly. Bring healing potions for combat, buff potions for boss battles, and utility consumables for specific situations.
  • Use consumables strategically: Avoid wasting consumables on trivial encounters. Conserve them for challenging battles or when facing resource-draining activities.
  • Experiment with different consumables: Explore the various types of consumables and experiment with different combinations to find what works best for your playstyle and build.
  • Use consumables in conjunction with spells: Consumables can enhance the effectiveness of your spells, allowing you to unleash even more powerful attacks.

Types of Consumables

Enshrouded features several types of consumables that players can utilize to enhance their characters' abilities and progress through the game. Here's an overview of the main consumable types:

  • Potions: These are the most common type of consumable, providing immediate healing to restore the player's health or mana. Potions come in varying strengths and effects, ranging from basic healing to targeted restoration or regeneration.
  • Elixirs: These rare and potent consumables provide extraordinary enhancements, such as significantly boosting health or mana regeneration, granting temporary invulnerability, or unlocking unique abilities for a limited time.
  • Scrolls: These items cast powerful spells or abilities, often with a limited number of uses. Scrolls can provide a versatile range of effects, from dealing damage to enemies to manipulating the environment.
  • Food: Similar to potions, food items provide nourishment and temporary stat boosts, such as increased attack power, defense, or movement speed. These buffs often have a duration limit, allowing players to strategize their consumption for optimal effectiveness.



Name Effect Duration Requirements Description
Health Potion.png
Health Potion
+ 200 Health Instant Alchemist Filled with vitalizing ingredients, it instantly restores a good amount of health.
Greater Health Potion.png
Greater Health Potion
+ 400 Health Instant Alchemist, Mortar After finetuning the Health Potion, the ingredients were adjusted, instantly restoring a great amount of health upon consumption.
Revitalizing Health Potion.png
Revitalizing Health Potion
+ 800 Health Instant Alchemist, Laboratory The pinnacle of potioncraft. It gained its name after rescuing users from countless near - death situations. Instantly restores an unbelievable amount of health.
Mana Potion.png
Mana Potion
+ 80 Mana Instant Alchemist, Mortar Created with mana - potent ingredients, the Mana Potion restores a good amount of mana.
Greater Mana Potion.png
Greater Mana Potion
+ 150 Mana Instant Alchemist, Alchemy Station A mana potion with higher concentration, instantly restoring a great amount of mana upon use.
Shroud Survival Flask.png
Shroud Survival Flask
+ 2min Maximum time in the Shroud 45:00 Alchemist Contains cleansed Shroud Liquid, enhancing the resistance of the user. Extends the remaining time in the Shroud after consumption by 2 minutes. This effect will last for 45 minutes.
Greater Shroud Survival Flask.png
Greater Shroud Survival Flask
+ 4min Maximum time in the Shroud 45:00 Alchemist, Alchemy Station Contains cleansed Shroud Liquid, enhancing the resistance of the user. Extends the Maximum time in the shroud after consumption by 4 Minutes. This effect will last for 45 Minutes.
Wisp of Light.png
Wisp of Light
Provides light 5:00 Alchemist An imprisoned Wisp of Light. Opening the flask releases a glowing wisp that lights the darkness.
Flask of the Fell.png
Flask of the Fell
+ 20 Stamina 30:00 Alchemist, Mortar The Shroud grants power to not only the Fell, but to whoever drinks from this flask.
+ 30% Damage Multiplier
- 1min Maximum time in the Shroud
30:00 Lootable This Elixir of the Shroud contains great power.... at a cost.
Ice Protection Lotion.png
Ice Protection Lotion
Blazing Skin 30:00 Lootable; Collector A lotion that protects you from the cold seeping in. It grants its user +1 ice armor per character level.



Name Effect Duration Requirements Description
Sacred Vukah Scroll.png
Sacred Vukah Scroll
+ 20% Melee Damage
+ 25 Health
30:00 Lootable - Found in Vukah camps Offers a prayer to the ancient Vukah. If answered, the user receives a buff in stamina and strength.
Prayer of the Flame Scroll.png
Prayer of the Flame Scroll
+ 20% Magic Damage
+ 1min Maximum time in the Shroud
30:00 Lootable - Found in Vukah camps Offers a small prayer to the Flame, that increases your maximum damage and the maximum time in the Shroud for a short duration.
Experience Scroll.png
Experience Scroll
+ 100 XP Instant Lootable Gain a small amount of experience upon absorption of the content. The most different experiences gathered and described on a scroll.
Fire Wisp Summon.png
Fire Wisp Summon
Summons a Fire Wisp Instant Lootable The scroll summons a Fire Wisp that follows, assists you in battle and provides light
Shroud Meteor Shower.png
Shroud Meteor Shower
13 Damage Instant Lootable This scroll is enchanted with the power of the Shroud Meteor Shower. It releases a giant shower of Shroud Meteors on enemies around the caster. But be careful, it drains your remaining time in the Shroud upon usage.



Name Effect Duration Requirements Description
+ 4% Healing Per Second 0:10s Crafting menu Restores 40% health points over 10 seconds. Stops when damage is received.
Cleaned Bandage.png
Cleaned Bandage
+ 6% Healing Per Second 0:10s Hunter Restores 60% of health over 10 seconds. Stops when damage is received.


Meat Foods


Name Effect Duration Requirements Description
Meat Wrap.png
Meat Wrap
+ 5 Constitution

+ 1 Intelligence

45:00 Farmer, Oven Filled with the power of life, this wrap will increase the Health of the consumer.
Chicken Soup.png
Chicken Soup
+ 4 Constitution

+ 1 Dexterity

40:00 Farmer, Fireplace, Almanac of Plants and Seedlings A very healthy soup made by boiling chicken for a period of time. An old house maiden's dish to help protect the body from illness.
Grilled Sand Digger.png
Grilled Sand Digger
+ 4 Constitution 12:30 Fireplace A specialty of the Kindlewastes - the custoemrs dig it, especially so because of its health benefits!
Grilled Bird Meat.png
Grilled Bird Meat
+ 3 Constitution 30:00 Fireplace A healthy protein rich snack. The color looks just perfect...
Grilled Game.png
Grilled Game
+ 3 Constitution 10:00 Fireplace A staple in many traditional Ravelwood dishes. It has a rejuvenating effect
Grilled Wolf Meat.png
Grilled Wolf Meat
+ 2 Constitution 20:00 Fireplace Roasted ribs were a delicacy back in the day, granting a good amount of Constitution to the consumer...
Grilled Lean Meat.png
Grilled Lean Meat
+ 1 Constitution 20:00 Fireplace Rich in protein and delicious, but only a small snack.



Name Effect Duration Requirements Description
Stir-Fried Vegetables.png
Stir-Fried Vegetables
+ 5 Dexterity 45:00 Farmer, Oven A healthy mix of vegetables. If handled with care, it won't only fill the stomach.
Vegetable Soup.png
Vegetable Soup
+ 4 Dexterity 40:00 Farmer, Fireplace, Almanac of Plants and Seedlings A warm soup made from various vegetables. Full of vitamins and energy.
Vegetable Puree.png
Vegetable Puree
+ 3 Dexterity 35:00 Farmer, Fireplace Cooking is a delicate art form. This basic puree will aid any person on their way to becoming an exquisite chef.
+ 2 Dexterity 10:00 Gatherable A red and juicy Tomato! If handled with care, it can have Dexterity enhancing effects.
Bell Pepper.png
Bell Pepper
+ 2 Dexterity 10:00 Gatherable - Nomad Highlands A plant of sweet flavor and powerful red color. Grants user dexterity upon consumption.
Forest Beet.png
Forest Beet
+ 1 Dexterity 15:00 Gatherable - Revelwood The edible root of a forest plant. Not all that sustaining on its own. Maybe good as ingredient?



Name Effect Duration Requirements Description
Grilled Yucca Fruit.png
Grilled Yucca Fruit
+ 20 Stamina Recharge 7:00 Farmer, Fireplace When cooked, the Yucca Fruit becomes very sweet. Makes the mouth water and recovers Stamina.
+ 20 Stamina Recharge 5:00 Farmer, Almanac of Plants and Seedlings The sugar rush powers stamina regeneration for a short amount of time.
+ 7 Stamina Recharge 5:00 Farmer, Fireplace Greatly regenerates Stamina upon consumption. Delightful and sweet.
+ 15 Stamina Recharge 3:00 Beehive, Gatherable The following sugar rush recharges Stamina!
Sugar Cane.png
Sugar Cane
+ 15 Stamina Recharge 3:00 Gatherable - Nomad Highlands A sweet candy alternative made from plant fiber. The sugar rush is known to regenerate energy for a short amount of time.



Name Effect Duration Requirements Description
Fruit Bowl.png
Fruit Bowl
+ 6 Health Regeneration

+ 3 Stamina Recharge

45:00 Farmer A refreshing bowl of fruits with positive health benefits. Boosts health and stamina upon consumption.
Yucca Fruit.png
Yucca Fruit
+ 2 Health Regeneration

+ 1 Stamina Recharge

25:00 Gatherable - Nomad Highlands, Kindlewastes
A sweet fruit that grows in dry areas, needing little water. Despite that, it's quite refreshing.
Dried Purple Berry.png
Dried Purple Berry
+ 1 Health Regeneration 5:00 Drying Rack When conserved, the Dried Purple Berry do not regenerate as much Health as the Purple Berries. However, the duration lasts longer.
+ 3 Health regeneration 0:30s Gatherable - Revelwood
A delicious aggregate - accessory fruit, predominantly found in the Revelwood.
Purple Berries.png
Purple Berries
+ 2 Health Regeneration 0:30s Gatherable Tasty and fresh berries, stimulating the bodily regeneration abilities with fresh vitamins for a short duration.

Grain Product


Name Effect Duration Requirements Description
Open Sandwich.png
Open Sandwich
+ 4 Strength

+ 2 Constitution

45:00 Farmer, Oven A relatively simple, but strengthening meal. Fast and ready to go!
Flat Bread.png
Flat Bread
+ 4 Strength 40:00 Oven A simple meal, granting a lasting Strength boost upon consumption. It tastes better in combination with other things, though.
+ 3 Strength 15:00 Gatherable - Revelwood A nice snack for the way. The strength it takes to crack its shell, it gives back upon consumption.
Roasted Corncob.png
Roasted Corncob
+ 2 Strength 10:00 Fireplace Roasted with a smoky aroma, it's a real pleasure for the taste buds, able to set free all of it's strengthening attributes.
+ 1 Strength 10:00 Gatherable A very versatile crop that can be fried, grilled or consumed raw, strengthening the consumer for a short duration



Name Effect Duration Requirements Description
Glow Soup.png
Glow Soup
+ 5 Intelligence

+ 60 seconds of shroud time

45:00 Farmer, Fireplace, Almanac of Plants and Seedlings A weird brew emitting a blue glow... Nobody quite knows why.
Mushroom Omelett.png
Mushroom Omelett
+ 4 Intelligence 40:00 Farmer, Oven A delicious meal with an earthy taste
Roasted Azure Russula.png
Roasted Azure Russula
+ 3 Intelligence 25:00 Fireplace Watery and a little strange, this mushroom's odd taste comes from pure magic coursing throughout. Great power awaits the consumer.
Grilled Red Mushroom.png
Grilled Red Mushroom
+ 2 Intelligence 20:00 Fireplace Enhancing energy with power! Increases the intelligence of the user upon consumption greatly.
Red Mushroom.png
Red Mushroom
+ 1 Intelligence 10:00 Gatherable A great snack that stimulates the brain. Increases your intelligence by a small amount.



Name Effect Duration Requirements Description
Grapple Plant.png
Grapple Plant
+ 5 Spirit 25:00 Gatherable A resilient herb, growing in the harsh Kindlewastes climate. Spiritualists were known to use it for mystical purposes.
Sage Leaves.png
Sage Leaves
+ 4 Spirit 10:00 Gatherable A bitter tasting herb that can be found in dry areas. It's said to have enlightening abilities.
Stinging Nettle.png
Stinging Nettle
+ 3 Spirit 15:00 Gatherable One has to be careful when harvesting this herb, but the reward is surely worth it.
Aureolin Flower.png
Aureolin Flower
+ 2 Spirit 10:00 Gatherable A beautiful yellow flower with magical properties that blesses the user's spirit.



Name Effect Duration Requirements Description
Spiced Tea.png
Spiced Tea
+ 5 Endurance 45:00 Farmer, Fireplace, Almanac of Plants and Seedlings Hot and spicy! The best drink for heated areas, refreshing and cooling the body at the same time.
Rooibos Tea.png
Rooibos Tea
+ 3 Endurance
+ 7 Stamina Recharge
30:00 Farmer, Fireplace, Almanac of Plants and Seedlings An aromatic ingredient that calms the body, providing an instant boost of Stamina for the user.
Chamomile Tea.png
Chamomile Tea
+ 4 Health Regeneration
+ 2 Endurance
35:00 Farmer, Fireplace, Almanac of Plants and Seedlings A very healthy beverage that helps the body recover and prepare for the day to come.
+ 1 Endurance
+ 2 Stamina Recharge
10:00 Gatherable, Water Well, Improved Water Well A refreshing bottle of Water that grants more Stamina. Stay hydrated.



Name Effect Duration Requirements Description
+ 2 Endurance 10:00 Draconian Vulture A great source of protein that enhances the muscle mass. Best consumed before a good exercise.
Boiled Eggs.png
Boiled Eggs
+ 3 Stamina Recharge
+ 3 Health Regeneration
+ 2 Mana Recharge
40:00 Farmer Fireplace Simple but nourishing. Boosts regeneration in all areas.

Food Poisoning


Name Effect Duration Requirements Description
Raw Sand Digger Meat.png
Raw Sand Digger Meat
- 75 Stamina
- 4 Stamina Regeneration
0:45s Sand Digger Fleshy and tough. Better not eat it like this.
Raw Game.png
Raw Game
- 75 Stamina
- 4 Stamina Regeneration
0:45s Deer Rabbit, Boar Uncooked game. Must be roasted over a fire.
Raw Lean Meat.png
Raw Lean Meat
- 75 Stamina
- 4 Stamina Regeneration
0:45s Rabbit, Goat Inedible, raw meat. Must be cooked over a campfire.
Raw Wolf Meat.png
Raw Wolf Meat
- 75 Stamina
- 4 Stamina Regeneration
0:45s Wolf Raw Wolf Meat. Must be cooked for proper consumption.
Raw Bird Meat.png
Raw Bird Meat
- 75 Stamina
- 4 Stamina Regeneration
0:45s Draconian Vulture It's not properly cooked. Eating this raw would cause nausea.
Azure Russula.png
Azure Russula
- 75 Stamina

- 4 Regeneration

0:45s Gatherable Should be cooked before eating.