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Tools are essential items in Enshrouded, allowing players to gather resources, craft items, and build structures. Each tool has a specific purpose and is crafted from different materials, each with its own properties and durability.

Tool Types


Full Tools List

Felling Axes

Felling Axes are a tool used to chop down trees to collect Wood Logs, Twigs and Resin. They can also be used to clear wooden obstacles and fight enemies in a pinch.
Shroud Roots can only be chopped down and destroyed with at least a Scrappy Axe, a regular Axe is not sturdy enough.

Name Level Damage Stamina Cost Max. Durability Resources Description Requirements
1 11 6 160 A primitive tool used for cutting wood. It can also be used as a weapon in a pinch. Manual Crafting
Scrappy Axe.png
Scrappy Axe
5 17 6 200 An axe made out of scrap metal with improved durability and efficiency compared to the Axe. Blacksmith
Copper Axe.png
Copper Axe
10 25 6 240 A sharp Copper Axe which is highly efficient at cutting wood. It can also be used to cut down enemies. Blacksmith
Bronze Axe.png
Bronze Axe
15 32 6 240 An axe with a bronze head. Sturdier than the Copper version. Blacksmith
Smithing Tools
Iron Axe.png
Iron Axe
20 40 6 300 An axe with a very sturdy iron head. It's more efficient! Blacksmith
Smithing Tools


Pickaxes are tools made out of a variety of materials. They can mine stone, ore and other materials.

Name Damage Stamina Cost Max. Durability Resources Description Requirements
11 6 160 A basic mining tool, made of the simplest of materials. It's not very durable or efficient, but it does what it's supposed to. Manual Crafting
Scrappy Pickaxe.png
Scrappy Pickaxe
17 6 200 Forged from old metal rests, it shows signs of improvement in performance but it still does not deserve to be called a handy tool. Blacksmith
Copper Pickaxe.png
Copper Pickaxe
25 6 240 A decent tool forged out of copper. At least working does not become a hassle because of bad equipment. Blacksmith
Bronze Pickaxe.png
Bronze Pickaxe
32 6 300 A pickaxe made out of bronze. Only struggling with the hardest of stones, it can be considered very efficient. Blacksmith
Smithing Tools
Iron Pickaxe.png
Iron Pickaxe
40 6 300 A highly performant pickaxe made out of iron, useful in every environment. A truly handy tool to have. Blacksmith


Rakes are tools used to create slopes in terrain, level hills and spread ground materials.

Name Stamina Cost Max Durability Resources Description Requirements
2 500 A rake made of the simplest materials. A basic tool used to flatten the ground for upcoming construction works. Workbench
Scrappy Rake.png
Scrappy Rake
1 1000 A rake enhanced with scrap metal to increase its durability. A decent tool to level hilly ground. Blacksmith

Construction Hammer

The Construction Hammer is a tool used to build your base, you can craft a variety of blocks, roofs and other materials with it.

Name Description
Construction Hammer.png
Construction Hammer
Hammer of the Ancients: An archaic building tool fueled by the Flame, capable of quickly erecting various structures around your home.

Summoning Staves

The Summoning Staff is used to summon rescued survivors to and between your bases.

Name Description
Summoning Staff.png
Summoning Staff
Summons rescued survivors into your bases around a Flame Altar.


Torches provide light in dark and dimly lit environments, they can also be used to damage enemies in a pinch.

Name Level Damage Max. Durability Resources Description Requirements
1 9 50 A basic torch provides light for a short amount of time. Watch your step when exploring caves with this. Manual Crafting
Resin Torch.png
Resin Torch
2 11 75 An advanced torch that provides light for a longer period. Use this to explore deeper into the abyss! Hunter
Wax Torch.png
Wax Torch
3 12 100 A very durable and long-lasting source of light made from wax. Equip this before starting your expeditions into the unknown! Hunter


Miscellaneous Tools these are tools that do not fit into other categories.

Name Resources Description Requirements
Opens a lock. Manual Crafting
A small campfire to cook food that can give many bonuses. It's a great spot to take a rest and relax. Manual Crafting