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The Kindlewastes is a harsh desert biome.
Biome Level
20 - 30
Req. Flame Level
5 - 6
Connected Biomes
Nomad Highlands

The Kindlewastes is a harsh desert biome and the final region of Embervale accessible during the Early Access launch. It is divided by the Shroud into two sections, a level 20-25 zone in the Northern Kindlewastes requiring Shroud Passage Level 5 and a level 25-30 zone in the Southern Kindlewastes requiring Shroud Passage Level 6.

It is located in the eastern extremity of the map and connected to the Nomad Highlands to the west.

Points of Interest


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The Kindlewastes' unique native wildlife include the hostile Draconian Vulture and Scorpion and the peaceful Sand Digger. A Fell variant of the Draconian Vulture can be seen in parts of the Shroud. Bats, Rats, and Spiders are also present.

Settlements in the Kindlewastes are largely inhabited by Scavengers or Fell. Vukah camps are also present in the north-east. There is a buried tomb near Village.png East Lapis guarded by Hollow.

Depending on location, Sun Temples are controlled by either Scavengers, Fell, or Hollow.





Gear Rewards

The following weapons, armor sets, and rings are exclusively obtained in the Kindlewastes: