Dirt Road Block

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Dirt Road Block
Dirt Road Block.png
A simple dirt road material that allows you to decorate your base with natural-looking paths.
TypeTerrain Material
Stack Size250
WorkshopWorkbench Workbench
Crafting TimeInstant


Can be obtained by mining any dirt road found across Embervale with a pickaxe. Crafting the block from the more easily obtainable dirt is a simpler method, as the recipe is a 1-to-1 ratio of blocks used to blocks created.


  • Standing on this terrain provides tier 1 of the On the Road buff, which reduces the stamina cost for sprinting by 10% (20% if the Wanderlust skill is unlocked).
  • This terrain can be modified with any rake, which allows it to be easily spread around from just a single source block.
An example of the dirt road block as displayed in-game.
Appearance of the dirt road block terrain as displayed in-game.