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Chests can be created with Manual Crafting and in the Workbench as well as at the Carpenter, there are also lootable chests found allover Embervale.

They hold an assortment of items.

Storage Chests

These chests are used to store your items.

Normal Chests

These chests store your items.

Name Slots Resources Requirements
Tiny Chest.png
Tiny Chest
16 3 String
6 Twigs
Small Chest.png
Small Chest
24 6 Nails
6 Wood Logs
Medium Chest.png
Medium Chest
32 8 Nails
12 Wood Planks
2 Metal Sheets
Large Chest.png
Large Chest
40 16 Nails
20 Wood Planks
3 Bronze Bars
Huge Chest.png
Huge Chest
56 8 Nails
12 Wood Planks
2 Iron Bars

Magic Chests

These Magic Chests are made by the Carpenter and items stored inside can be used for crafting purposes anywhere in the base!

Name Slots Resources Requirements
Small Magic Chest.png
Small Magic Chest
24 1 Small Chest
15 Shroud Spores
15 Shroud Liquid
Medium Magic Chest.png
Medium Magic Chest
32 1 Medium Chest
2 Shroud Core
2 Goo
Large Magic Chest.png
Large Magic Chest
40 1 Large Chest
3 Shroud Core
3 Alchemical Base
Huge Magic Chest.png
Huge Magic Chest
56 1 Huge Chest
4 Shroud Core
4 Enshrouded Oil