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Release Date:17 April, 2024

Patch 4 -

Version number: 516139

Greetings Flameborn!

Here is a brand new patch for Enshrouded, with fixes and improvements. Thanks again to all of you who reported issues. The game keeps getting better as we iron out the kinks, thanks to you!

And now for the good stuff...


  • Fixed a crash in the building menu when having a very high number of building block types in the backpack or magical chests.
  • Fixed an issue that would lead to decorative elements at buildings being temporarily dislocated.
  • Fixed missing sounds. Sorry we can't be more specific this is all they told us.
  • Re-potted wheat now correctly gives wheat seedlings, not yucca ones. Botany is hard.
  • Fixed an issue in workstations that progress on a current recipe was reset when re-selecting the same recipe from the list.
  • Several improvements have been made to the wildlife movement. It should now behave more naturally when walking or fleeing.
  • Wildlife straying into player bases no longer has the dismantle prompt. This isn't how it works.
  • Fixed a bug where rotating the camera could inadvertently cancel a dismantle action.
  • Improved behavior of enemies that get attacked by players with ranged attacks but can’t find a path to the players. They now run around more than just standing still in panic.
  • Fixed an issue with lighting that caused the Blue Luminescent Blocks to have a green tint. Sorry to everyone who used the blocks to fake water, the fake water looks less polluted now.
  • Fixed a case where resetting the skill tree granted more skill points than intended.
  • Server-wide quests and personal quests are now sorted in the quest journal.